Decoding the Mind of God O.M. Kelly


Published: July 6th 2011

Kindle Edition

743 pages


Decoding the Mind of God  by  O.M. Kelly

Decoding the Mind of God by O.M. Kelly
July 6th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 743 pages | ISBN: | 10.24 Mb

There is a reason for everything, and everything has a reason. The laws of the universe, which are understood by the collective consciousness, give an answer to every question we are capable of asking. We constantly receive these answers through the vibrations of our aura, the energy field of our being. Without realigning our intelligence with the unconscious mind, however, the truth remains lost to us. In Decoding the Mind of God, author, guru, and visionary O.

M. Kelly delves into the unconscious mind and discovers the secrets of the collective consciousness, showing us how we can realise the potential of the human mind through belief in ourselves.Surprising as it may seem, the key to understanding auric vibrations lies in the mathematical language—the codes and patterns—of the unconscious mind.

Kelly explores this language through the texts and myths of myriad cultures and belief systems, not the least of which are the Bible and the Christian tradition. Kelly’s perceptions of the order of higher consciousness are framed by stories from her experiences of personal discovery and from over twenty years of researching, lecturing, and teaching in nearly fifty countries around the world.Our thoughts and their vibrations are the sole purpose for our existence, and the plane on which they work—our unconscious mind—is our collective inheritance from God.

By evolving into our inheritance, we can release the fear in which humanity habitually traps itself and achieve divine unity with ourselves and with the universe.

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